Sykia cave Milos

Sykia cave


THE roofless cave

Sykia cave cave is situated on the west part of the island and can be approached only by the sea with a boat. The roof of the cave has collapsed many years ago letting the sun’s rays come through. You can get in only with a small boat from the arch entrance.

a Natural Monument


a magnificent scenery

Sykia cave or Sikia cave is located on the west part of Milos
and it is a stunning open-roof natural monument of rare beauty.


What makes Sykia cave special is that part of the roof has collapsed, creating an open round top viewing the blue sky. The cave ceiling fell down probably due to an earthquake many years ago. A natural skylight was created by the fall letting the sun illuminate all the interior of the cave and create beautiful colors.

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A signature spot of Milos

Sykia bay

Full of surprises and special charm, volcanic rocks that emerge from the crystalline waters.
Sykia cave was named after the fig tree which stands near the roof. Sykia means fig tree in Greek

Discover Sykia bay, a place of significant geological interest and rare natural beauty. A large cave with a large hole looking at the sky, accessible only from water.
A unique miracle of the nature on the island of Milos.

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Sykia cave Milos

A unique roofless cave

In the west part of Milos

Sikia is the most beautiful and biggest sea cave of Milos. It is located in the southwest part of the island, 24 km from Adamas.

You can approach it only by boat. One of the characteristics of Sykia cave is that only a small boat can pass through its entrance as it only has a height of 5 metres .
There is a beach with pebbles, stones and crystal clear waters where you can swim. The water is very cold due to the restricted light and the depth.

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Sykia cave

Reached only by boat

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Sykia bay

West coast of Milos

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Sykia cave

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